I was green in the brown desert, but probably the only Lit major working in two psychology labs and taking ethnomusicology courses.

BA English Literature, summa cum laude, Barrett the Honors College at Arizona State University, 2009


Ice fishing. Caviar. Vodka. New Year's. Solace. Progressive house. Spreading my love for the English language to students from 10 to 65. That's Why Russia.

English instructor, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia, 2010-2012


Then I found Oregon...

Proud homebrewer, beachcomber...



DJ, cyclist, weirdo...


the greater northwest...

backpacker, river dweller...


and a beautiful lady, and thought I'd stay a while.

Hi Jazzmine!

The JavaScript Code by Dmitry Baranovskiy, CC BY-2.0

Why code?

I want to:

Break the rules to make the rules.

Build and rebuild and rebuild and rebuild and rebuild.

Test the impossible and pass.

Work with pioneers, geniuses and fellow weirdos.

Make the world cleaner, faster, sunnier and better.